Assets of all types and materials can be bar-coded to secure your inventory and track its movement, maintenance schedules and history.

Secure Innovations has been the leader in areas of asset management via a check in and out process. We have a solid solution for bar-coding your charts and files to always ensure their known location and prompt return


For over a decade we have been the leader in resolutions that meet the harsh aspects of the sterilization environment with semi-permanent* barcodes for your fixed assets.

HuFriedyCassette KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA dental handpiece

Whether its bar-coding only expensive handpieces or your entire inventory of fixed and disposable assets, Secure Innovations has the experience and the solutions to match your objective and meet your needs. We provide a vast array of disposable barcodes: paper types to permanent ones in acrylate to aluminum. For lineal codes to 2D and everything in between, count on Secure Innovations to provide a cost effective choice and assist in your project’s deployment.

* No known or available barcode for cassettes, handpieces, and instruments is permanent. This statement includes DPM or Direct Parts Marked or laser etched barcodes or our InfoDotâ„¢. All barcodes need to be replaced from time to time.