Secure Innovations is proud of its positive history for helping our clients understand the scope of their needs and the various opportunities for direction.

As a leading asset management provider we have accumulated a great deal of insight and hands on experience to share with our clients.  At times, it is important for a client to formulate the SOW and identify avenues for an efficient course of action.

Over the years we have aided customers on a consultation or project basis with some of the following:

  • Site survey and physical plant recommendations for the deployment of asset management solutions.
  • The establishment of barcoding solutions to organize a central supply room.
  • Barcoding of assets and their association to autoclave load cycles and reports.
  • The implementation of advanced security and loss prevention.
  • Asset maintenance scheduling including repair cycles; retirement of items and sharpening of needed instruments.
  • All levels of barcode identification for assets; consumables; building locations; staff, faculty and student ID development.

Secure Innovations has never been a vendor that sells by price and merely ships products.  We embrace a concept of partnering with our clients.  We are old fashioned as we pride ourselves in building relationships that continue far beyond the sale.

We service what we sell.

We train your staff onsite with the effective use of our products.

We provide extended maintenance and support on each of our hardware offerings.

Our software Help Desk is a refreshing change whenever you need our assistance.

Each facet of our support is prompt and courteous.

As we have mentioned before on our Home Page:  We guarantee to provide the best quality hardware, barcode and software technology with a prompt ROI to meet your expectations.  We will provide a wealth of experience from within your industry that is simply without parallel.

We expect to earn your trust, save your money, and be your long term solution provider.