CR1500 New-starburst


Purpose Built for Healthcare Hospitals and medical offices easily have the most difficult barcodes to read, and in the harshest conditions. Everything needs to work the first time, every time, when lives are at stake. The CR1500 reads any size or type of barcode, on any surface and in any condition, with ease. Whether it is a simple patient wrist band, an IV bag in a dark room or even a scalpel in the OR, Code’s patented dual-field optics, lightning-fast proprietary processor, and zero-miss decoder work as hard as you do. The CR1500 withstands even the harshest disinfectants with CodeShield® Level 3 Plastics. The market-leading plastics, seamless body design, and best-in-class IP54 sealing mitigate cleaning issues and make pathogen control more effective. The CR1500 scans all standard barcodes out of the box, and optional parsing/validation make integration into any system painless. Plus, with Code’s industry unique JavaScript programming, it is possible to meet even your most advanced data editing requirements. Compact, lightweight and ergonomic, the CR1500 is one of the smallest barcode readers on the market. The CR1500 truly is the scanner of choice for any healthcare application.

More for Medical:

  • Patented dual-field optics scan more types of barcodes than any other reader
  • PVC-Free CodeShield® plastics stand up to more disinfectants
  • IP54 rating seals out dust and moisture
  • Visual, audible, and haptic indicators customizable for workflow needs
  • Powerful Javascript platform for complete device control
  • Medical standard data validation and parsing for greater application flexibility
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Optional stand

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