Secure Innovations A*STARTM software products include seven asset management solutions.

1.  A*STARTM  Basic is our entry level product for asset management and check in check out functions.  This solution can be deployed over a network, but not greater than 5 PCs.


2.  A*STARTM Pro is a very solid, affordable product that provides a wealth of positive features to facilitate asset management at medium to large installations.


3.  A*STARTM IT is our Cadillac product with all necessary attributes to manage a large medical institution’s properties and one that has a strong emphasis on OR Surgery centers which require tray counts and reconciliation of all instruments within the surgery location.

A summary and comparison of the feature differences between the above A*STARTM products can be found at the following link:

A*STAR Product Comparison


4.  A*STARTM IMTM is our Implant Management product for tracking both assets such as instruments and equipment while also providing a solution to track Implants that  have lot numbers and expiration dates that are critical to you inventory. Manufacturer recalls can easily be managed and your inventory does not have to be thrown away due to a failure to keep track of various expiration dates.



5.  HyStarTM is a budget based program created specifically for Dental Hygiene institutions that need to track items on a smaller scale across a more limited OS environment.



6.  ALDTM is a software product which is loaded on a scanner to provide the duplication of asset labels that are affixed to instruments or cassettes.  Please inquire about details of this self contained scanner software. Turn to the ALD application under Products – Printers to  see more information.


Note that A*STAR products, with the single exception of ALD, require minimum operating standards.  These requirements can be found by clicking here.

7.  OrderGenuisTM is a Web-based store front program to allow a client to place orders from as many departments, students, or staff as needed.  Users of the system sign up and, once approved, the person can place orders for disposable products or fixed assets.  A central supply department receives each order via the Web and order acknowledgement and status updates are provided to the custom/client.

order genius



*Note that A*STAR products, with the single exception of ALDTM, require minimum operating standards. These requirements can be found here.